The Message
            This blog is intended to serve as inspiration to the Generation Y population.  I intend to use my life and my family to demonstrate that goals can be achieved and peacefulness in life can be attained.  I am an average college graduate with mountains of student loan debt between my wife and I.  We will have an additional family member with us shortly and have set clear paths in the direction we want our life to grow.  We embrace unexpected detours and strive to get the most out of every day.
            My mission is to share my thoughts and plans on how I design my life and use it as a tool to help others that may need guidance.  I plan to use this blog to actively chronicle my life as I live it, rather than reflecting on the past.  Our parents’ generation seems to have lived their lives with personal progress in mind, and worked hard to achieve status in life.  Our generation is starting to progress in a totally new way.  We are relying heavily on each other and spring-boarding from the success of those around us.  The recent collapse in economy and housing market has spurred a simpler lifestyle; one that doesn’t necessitate the high-profile job and large bank account.  In order to measure one’s success, you first need to gauge what you value against that which is deemed successful.
            I define the ‘We’ generation as one that has been fortunate to be able to utilize the internet and social media in ways that have daily profound impacts.  Being able to rely on each other for inspiration and wisdom, as well as having unlimited resources for information have given our generation a distinct power in numbers.  ‘We’ are constantly working together to enhance our way of life and improve upon traditions and customs of old.  I plan to offer my thoughts and actions to the collective pool in hopes that we can all achieve a simpler, happier, and overall better existence.

Thanks for reading!

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