New Addition

     Regrettably, a little more time has passed than I had hoped for since my last post.  It seems I got a little caught up in the 'hum-drum' of the day job and helping my wife through her last month of pregnancy.  That being said, I am proud to announce a new addition to our little family!  Everett Mark Thompson was born on May 22nd, 2011 at 7:01am.
     My wife and I elected to wait until he was born to find out the sex.  Being the last male in my family with the ability to pass on my name, having a firstborn son was definitely a blessing.  My wife instantly became the mother she's always wanted to be.  Becoming a father changes a man.  I instantly felt that I needed to seclude my family and protect them from the hoardes of friends and family that flocked to see the new baby.  It shocked me to realize how much I just wanted to be alone with my little family and for everyone else to just go away.

     Bringing a little one into the world has not altered our priorities much since the pregnancy was planned and we've had this goal since we got married.  We are moving closer and closer to paying off all of our debt and living a simpler life.  Having a son now makes the urgency to achieve that goal ever more apparent. 

     We hope to build or buy our first home in the next two or three years.  Being financially stable and mostly debt free is the only way we can move towards this goal.  All in all, we are happier than ever and we are taking some time right now to fall into endless parental love.  My job requires me to travel, so soon it will be off to the next city for me and I will have to leave my wife and son for a little while.  Being home for a few weeks has made all the difference in the world. 

     I will keep posting and sharing insights into my family life and how we move closer to living simply and spending more and more time together as a family.

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